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Xiyu Lin

Xiyu Lin is an LA-based production designer originally from China. Xiyu graduated with Honors from the China Academy of Arts with a B.A. in Exhibition Design. Before she pursued her MFA at AFI, she worked as a scene designer and freelance artist. She designed scenery for several museums in China. Her artwork has been shown in the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai and the Zhejiang Art Museum. After a study tour from Japan, she moved to LA and received her first M.F.A. in Stage Design. Xiyu’s first design job happened while she studied at AFI; a short film titled “BLOCKS” premiered at Sundance in 2020. Ever since Xiyu realized Production Design was the perfect career to mold all her creative interests under one roof. Since then, Xiyu approaches every film as an artist. 


Xiyu completed her first feature film "The Harbinger" in New York State in 2021. She has finished another two features in 2022.

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